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It’s not a secret that we all feel better when we prioritize our health. Sweat Reset hosts all-inclusive luxury retreats in the most gorgeous parts of the world designed to do just that. With nationally recognized personal trainers and life coaches, individuals come with a purpose & leave with a plan.

All of us deserve to thrive instead of just survive. Take a trip with Sweat Reset, make big goals and chase them. You are capable and you are worth it.

Sweat Reset is more than a fitness retreat company. I create retreats for women who need and deserve an opportunity to unplug and fill their own cup, but don’t want to derail their goals to do it.”

– Lindsey Lane, Founder of Sweat Reset

Two Families, One Mission

Our Founders and Trainers

Devan and Morgan Kline, Founders

High school sweethearts Devan and Morgan Kline were living in Naples, FL when Devan got cut from his professional baseball team. While he was still living with his host mom, Devan decided to express his gratitude by becoming her personal trainer and helping her feel more confident in herself. This was the moment where he fell in love with empowering women by helping them meet their fitness goals.

Devan opened up his first Burn Boot Camp in 2012 in a gymnastics studio’s parking lot. The business quickly took off, which enabled Morgan to quit her corporate job to follow her passion with Devan. What started as small business in Huntersville, NC, now spans the nation with 400 awarded territories. 

Kyle and Lindsey Lane, Founders

Growing up with a passion for fitness, Kyle became a personal trainer almost 10 years ago and found his passion for changing lives at Burn Boot Camp. He opened his first Burn Franchise in 2015, where he met Lindsey. With a shared passion for health and wellness among an endless list of shared interests, the two hit it off and got married in 2018.

Both Kyle and Lindsey have so much gratitude for how Burn transformed their lives—the inspiring gym community, lifelong friendships, and endless motivation—the couple dreamt of a company that would share the benefits of health and wellness, their passion for seeing the world, and the value of joining together like-minded women beyond the gyms four walls. Thus, Sweat Reset was born.

Sweat Reset Trainers

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Kyle Lane

Lindsey Lane

Ashley Hearn

Kyle became a trainer for Burn Boot Camp back in late 2013 and worked directly under the founder Devan Kline and his wife Morgan in Huntersville, NC. Kyle became Devan’s head trainer there—and after a couple years, he franchised the uptown Charlotte location (Elizabeth) and opened it late 2015. Kyle fell in love with helping women transform not only their physical exteriors, but more so their emotional and mental toughness inside their minds. Kyle met Lindsey a year after opening his franchise. They were married in 2018, and later partnered with Devan and Morgan to make Sweat Reset a reality.

After graduating with her masters in anesthesia, Lindsey felt overweight, tired, depressed—she didn’t feel like herself anymore. She poured so much of herself into her profession that there was really nothing left. With no real goal in mind, she joined Burn Boot Camp. There, she found an amazing community of ladies who met her exactly where she was and cheered her on. She fell so in love with this sisterhood that she wanted to create a company for all women that gave them the opportunity to experience this same kind of self-love and passion for life. Sweat Reset is just that.

As a mother of 3 children ranging in age from toddler to teenagers, Ashley knows first hand the struggles many women have to make their own health a priority. After her third child was born, Ashley was lonely and struggling to stay motivated to workout. She joined Burn Boot Camp expecting a great workout, but found so much more than that. She found a community that made her feel strong and empowered to do anything, and so became NASM certified. When Ashley is not traveling with Sweat Reset, you can find her hanging out and helping women transform at the Burn Boot Camp in  Huntersville, NC. 

We seek to build confidence, happiness, and disciplines that transcend fitness into a community of mentally, emotionally, and physically strong women”

– Devan Kline, Founder of Sweat Reset & Burn Boot Camp

Wellness Articulated

Check out our Blog—Wellness Articulated—where we share stories and discuss the four things we love most: fitness, nutrition, travel, and wellness. 

Shout Out to Burn Boot Camp

Thank You for Fueling Our Mission

Sweat Reset is the perfect balance of relaxation, fitness, and adventure. We send the nation’s top 10% of personal trainers-certified to bring you the best workouts and meet you right where you are-no matter your fitness level. The community that Burn Boot Camp has fostered all over the nation with over 200 locations transcends into our Sweat Reset community. When you commit to a Sweat Reset Retreat, be prepared to be mentored and challenged by a Burn Boot Camp certified personal trainer with one one on focus meetings, nutrition counseling, goal setting strategies, and some unforgettable workouts with some unforgettable views!