You’re sitting at work. It’s December. It’s cold. Maybe it’s snowing outside, or the sky is at least a little gloomy looking. You’ve hit that post-lunch lull, so you decide it’s the perfect time to start dreaming up your next vacation—somewhere warm, obviously. After a few google searches, skimming resort reviews, posting for recommendations on Facebook, and scanning flight options, only ten minutes later and you’re booked for a President’s Day trip to Mexico. 

Step 2? Commence operation bikini bod. You spend the better part of the next 3 months taking it to the next level in the gym and consistently crush your workouts. Your nutrition is on point up until the day you leave. So, naturally, you make it official and reward yourself with a new swimsuit. Your bags are packed, your out of office message is queued up, and as soon as you order your Uber to the airport, you turn on Vacation Mode. 

For the next five days, you pass the time with some combination of the following: Eat. Sun. Sleep. Eat. Sun. Eat. Did I mention, eat? It’s totally fine because you’re on vacation, and you only do this on special occasions, right? Cue the classic speech about balance, living a little, enjoying yourself, etc. Really though, we all should indulge—we’re human after all. But it’s what follows in that post-vacation week, that time when you say, “I need a vacation from my vacation,” where you might wonder if it was all worth it. Regardless of how much you actually do enjoy a good workout, you find yourself needing some serious motivation to get back to the gym. That dreaded feeling of the “first workout” kicks in. 

It’s all of these thoughts, and this repetitive cycle with just about any vacation I’ve taken, that led me to the idea to create Sweat Reset. If you’ve made it this far in my post, it’s safe to say you identify with some part of that narrative. I’m here to make it simple for you. We all need a break from the weekly grind of work, cooking, and cleaning-but that doesn’t mean we “deserve” to go on a week-long vacation binger only to return feeling even more tired, unmotivated, and beat down than before. 

Sweat Reset is more than a fitness retreat company. I create retreats for women who need and deserve an opportunity to unplug and fill their own cup, but don’t want to derail their goals to do it. It’s not a secret that we all feel better when we prioritize our health. Sweat Reset hosts all-inclusive luxury vacations in the most gorgeous parts of the world designed to do just that. With nationally recognized personal trainers and life coaches-women come with a purpose & leave with a plan.

All of us deserve to thrive instead of just survive. Take a trip with Sweat Reset, make big goals and chase them. You are capable and you are worth it. 

With Love,


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